Christian Frei


Josefstr. 176
CH-8005 Zürich

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Christian Frei was born in 1959, in Schönenwerd, Switzerland. He studied Visual Media at the Department of Journalism and Communication at Fribourg University. He shot his first documentary in 1981, and has been working as an independent filmmaker and producer since 1984. He works regularly for Swiss National Television SF. In 1997, he shot his first feature length documentary, Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel, the tale of a Cuban family torn between loyalty to the revolutionary ideals and the desire to emigrate to the United States. In 2001, his War Photographer followed photojournalist James Nachtwey during his various missions. The film received an Academy Award Nomination for "Best Documentary Feature" and won twelve international film festivals. The Giant Buddhas deals with the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha sculptures. An essay on fanaticism and faith, terror and tolerance, ignorance and identity.


2005 The Giant Buddhas (Documentaire)
2001 War Photographer (Documentaire)
2000 "Bollywood" im Alpenrausch (Documentaire)
1998 Kluge Köpfe (Documentaire)
1997 Ricardo, Miriam y Fidel (Documentaire)
1984 Der Radwechsel (Documentaire)
1982 Fortfahren (Documentaire)
1981 Sellvertreterin (Documentaire)

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